How to Select a Trailer

Its important to rent the correct trailer for the application that you require it for.  It is easy to overload a trailer without realizing it and you may be held responsible for any damage caused.  Take the scenario where you rent a small trailer to go and buy 20 bags of cement from Builders Warehouse.  Many people do not think of it in this way, but a bag of cement is relatively small and weighs 50kg’s.  Twenty bags of cement will therefore weigh 1000kg (1 ton).  If you rented a small 2.5m trailer, the bags may fit, but you will be overloading the trailer as the maximum carrying capacity of these trailers are normally only 750kg.  Please ask our friendly shop assistants to recommend the correct trailer for your application.  We do have small trailers with 2 tons of carrying capacity, just ask for them.